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Our Top Picks For Best Website Design And Development Practices In 2018

Today’s ever evolving, dynamic digital world demands that you keep up, which is why having a fully optimised, interactive and highly functional website is absolutely essential.


A poorly developed website, with an uninspiring design is akin to paddling up technology creek without a canoe… okay we know that doesn’t make sense, but neither does not having a quality website!


Luckily, we are web development specialists and we want nothing more than to help you avoid any digital delinquency trends. Which is why we’re going to take a quick look at some of our top picks for best website design and development practices, in 2018...


We all feel the need for speed


Most people’s attention span is less than that of the famously ill-focused goldfish, largely thanks to our digitised lifestyles. This makes a site’s loading speed a hugely important aspect of web development.


Imagine feeling peckish, so you head to one of your favourite eateries, only to find there’s a queue for Nandos out the door! Even if you prefer the food more than other competitors, there’s a strong chance you’ll prioritise eating in a timely manner, and promptly move on.


This also applies to websites - as the majority of users won’t have the patience to wait around for pages that take several second to load each time. If your website is as fast loading as possible on all devices, you’ll be able to capitalise on the emotional, impulsive nature of the majority of people, enhance your user experience, and influence conversions.


By the way, you can always check the current speed of your site, just to make sure acceptable standards are being met - Pagespeed Insights by Google can be useful for this.


Cutting edge CMS & solid SEO


Our specialists know all about the latest cutting edge Content Management Systems, such as Episerver and Umbraco - and we also know that including a strong back-end CMS into the overall design of your website can be invaluable.


A strong CMS should allow for easy on-page editing, to quickly create and modify content directly from the site. This can also help your clients to post and edit content whenever they desire, and fresh engaging content can propel any site’s marketing momentum and engagement in the long-term.


This same compelling content will help build followers - and including all the important on-page SEO tags and elements, will greatly add to your site’s overall optimisation for both browsers and users.


Mobile responsive & social media savvy


Most people use a smartphone or device throughout any given day, making it more important than ever to have an engaging, responsive and mobile-friendly website. You’ll want to make sure your users can access it whenever they need to, and that the user experience is on point no matter what device they’re using.


Speaking of smart devices - we all spend quite a bit of time engaging on social media using these, from scrolling through endless prank videos on our Facebook newsfeed, to posting yet another picture of our dinner on Insta. It’s therefore very beneficial to ensure your website has all the relevant social media platforms integrated into its design.


By allowing your users to have quick access to social media pages from the site, you’ll provide the perfect opportunity to broadens your brand’s reach, as well as increase visibility, traffic and engagement.


Strong & secure


When developing your website it’s important to never compromise on security. We’re not trying to scare you here, but let's face it, no one would build a house then forget to include the doors - that would be a Grand Designs fail!


The same applies to a site - so it’s important to always include strong fundamental security and privacy protocols into any design and development. Even just having basic security checks could make a big difference when it comes to ensuring your client and user data is fully protected.


Optimise for tracking & conversions


Don’t forgot that Analytics is important, especially if you want to be certain that your site is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Your website design should be tracking enabled and be fully functional when it comes to keeping a record of any traffic, goals, and conversions.


Also optimising your site design for conversions by creating campaign landing pages, will keep your users moving through it. These dedicated pages will help direct your users where you want them - whether it’s to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.   


Effective email


Seriously, email - it may sound so outdated and even irrelevant in the modern digital world, but email marketing is still a highly effective tool to take advantage of.


Syncing your site’s email capture forms with your users email marketing system needs to be seamless, in order to create effective accessibility, along with easy connection and communication.


Progressive Web Apps & Artificial Intelligence


Progressive Web Apps are a successful hybrid blend of some of the best web and app features, and are seemingly coming to the forefront of web design even more this year. Including innovative features like push notifications, animated page transitions, and splash screens can greatly enhance UX.  


Artificial Intelligence is also increasingly working its way into people’s everyday online experiences. As products like Alexa and Siri become more popular, effectively implementing innovative A.I. tools into specific web designs, will become the new norm. We’ve still not quite reached the point when our new machine overlords can Control-Alt-Delete us - but there’s no doubt the A.I. revolution is underway.


Whilst these up and coming practices are not quite as non-negotiable as the others yet, they are still important to consider as 2018 may see them become increasingly relevant.  


So is your website up to 2018 standards?

If you’re now in need of an immediate online renovation, or you’re looking to get yourself a simple, functional, and futuristic website, which can meet all of 2018’s demands - then that’s why we do what we do.


We want to help you better connect to your customers online, and engage every single user for optimal ROI. As specialist web developers based in Manchester our team fully understands any and all best practice when it comes to creating the best website for you, to deliver the digital results you’ve been searching for.


If you want to talk to us about user experience or other services we offer when developing your website, simply give us a ring on 0345 548 5035 - or chat to us at info@ultimedia.co.uk. We’d love to speak to you about all your web development needs!


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