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A bespoke 'Apprentice Matching System' for Careers Wales


Careers Wales is a Welsh Assembly funded organisation, who are centred around independent and impartial careers advice, guidance and information. They chose Ultimedia to ensure the success of the ongoing programme of digital projects. We have been successfully working in partnership with the Careers Wales team since 2009.

What we do

Our specialists designed a bespoke ‘Apprentice Matching System’ which is a workflow driven solution, allowing employers, training organisations and apprentices access to tailored membership areas. We also worked alongside Careers Wales to help develop the ‘Job Growth Wales’ program as an extension of the Apprentice Matching Service.

Both programs have since shown great success, and along with a dramatic increase in the number of apprentices, the other outstanding results include:

  • An estimated creation of almost 9,000 new jobs over three years, which can be fully supported.
  • An additional £25 million from European Structural Funding has be gained.
  • A dramatic increase in the number of apprentices hired.
  • Youth unemployment began to fall faster in Wales than the rest of the UK, (according to the Department of Skills and Technology).

Why they needed us

Careers Wales are responsible for delivering systems and associated websites for three education and workplace initiatives. Alongside the Work Experience System, they also needed to create an appealing and easy to use Apprentice Matching Service site.

The programs needed to match employers, apprentices and training providers through an intuitive and accessible vacancy management system - based on suitability, preference, and availability with interviews.

How we continue to help

  • Designed a bespoke workflow driven system.
  • Built tailored membership areas for each group - for advertising, applying for positions, and matching.
  • Developed the innovative program as an extension of the Apprentice Matching Service.
  • Provided a continual programme of support and ongoing maintenance of the system to ensure an SLA driven delivery of all BAU items
  • Continue to work with the team to enhance performance of the system and make further improvements, to consistently meet the demands of the programme.


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