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Project Rescue

What is Project Rescue?

Sometimes even a well-planned project can end up being problematic. It could be technology or resource availability,  poor project management or scope creep. Whatever the reason, the effect on quality and budget can be serious. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon problems! 

If your software project’s gone wrong, we can quickly get your business back on track.

Jade Cosgrove, Operations Director

How we can help!

Ultimedia is always available to help you resolve your project rescue challenges. We can bring the necessary resources and expertise to get the job done. Implementing an effective Project Rescue Plan which focuses on value, measured by Return on Investment (ROI) and business goals.

We offer effective, yet easy-to-follow project rescue road-maps, based on 3 key steps;

Step 1: Analysis.

Our technical experts review and investigate the current situation of your project, fully analysing the root causes of the project shortcomings and developing any immediate recommendations.

Step 2: Identify Problems

We audit the project and identify all current or potential problem areas. We perform a series of checks to identify areas such as;

  •          Potential development bottlenecks
  •          Non-functional issues
  •          Lack of specification
  •          Planning
  •          Testing
  •          Technical expertise level
  •          Deployment methods
  •          Architectural suitability
  •          Stakeholder Management
  •          Internal & External Communications

All are investigated thoroughly and a detailed report prepared.

Step 3: Rescue Action Plan. (RAP)

We develop a comprehensive time and cost-effective strategy to get your project back on track;

  •          Re-estimate the project requirements and plans
  •          Set up the project management and development processes to ensure you have full visibility
  •          Redefine Project Goals
  •          Take complete control and management of the project
  •          Identify sub-phases
  •          Define resources
  •          Provide new expectation of quality and delivery including project timelines
  •          Review with you and implement the plan

Our Clients rely on us to turn around failing projects, Ultimedia’s years of experience in project rescue allows us to give considered advice based on our experience. We’ll use our own team of professional developers and project managers to make sure the job gets completed on time and on budget. 



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Our Goal: The Last Partner You'll Ever Need

Our goal is to design and develop long-term strategies for web solutions. Though we'd love to build our clients one solution that lasts a lifetime, the always evolving Internet determines our clients need a partner that will commit to their solution. That's us. In fact, we'll strive to become the last partner you'll ever need.

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