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Web Solutions
Ultimedia Web Solutions

When companies develop websites they often think that the bit you see is all there is. At Ultimedia we think of it differently. Your website is like the shop window, it’s the bit you see on the way into the store, but the part that really matters is what goes on inside. We view your website in the same way. We look at your business operations behind your shop window and ensure that what we build, whether it is the website itself, an E-Commerce system, interfacing and connecting all your backend business systems or the complete solution, from processing orders through to shipping, we ensure your shop window reflects your business needs.

We adopt a holistic approach to your requirements and always ensure that the total package is fit for purpose.

The look and feel of your website must reflect your brand, your values, and work within your Corporate Guidelines. It must meet your E-commerce needs if appropriate, also, and more importantly, be aware of the often complex interfaces to other systems that are part of your internal business ecosystem.

As a software company with years of experience building and maintaining complex business systems, we understand that there is sometimes a need to marry the new, your fresh website, with the old, your legacy systems.

This is our expertise and is where we are able to shine as a total systems supplier across the whole range of customer needs.

We offer a full service capability from creative design through to backend systems including our E-commerce offering working in partnership with EPiServer Commerce.

We are aware that some clients prefer the creative component be developed by their existing creative agency. We are happy and have successfully delivered many solutions on that basis, working with a clients existing partner in order to deliver the full spectrum of services is something we are familiar with.

We have experienced all types of website requirements, from the simple to the most complex in our 20 years of supporting some of the best-known companies in the world.

Our reputation is everything, so we will never deliver anything that damages yours.            

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