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Ultimedia and Co-operative Group Travel

Ultimedia has been the provider of website development and support services since 2005 and in 2008 was asked by the Co-operative Group Travel Group to consolidate two websites into one master site and deliver a more engaging and dynamic look and feel utilising the latest features and capabilities of a modern built-for-purpose site.  As the largest independent travel agent in the UK, in a highly complex and competitive industry, the Co-op Group Travel Group needed a modern, stylish and dynamic website where engaging content is the key to securing business.

The Solution

Working with the Co-operative design team, Ultimedia redesigned the system using EPiServer CMS to provide the all important content management of the site where all offers are dynamically generated every four hours to keep it up to date and competitive. Holiday offers can also manually be updated by the Co-operative Travel’s in-house content management team as required. Equally important was the ability to integrate with other systems such as Google, TripAdvisor and the Traveltek booking engine system.

The solution also needed to ensure that the site was engaging to use with a quality user experience to keep it ‘sticky’ and a high percentage of visits resulting in a holiday booking. Personalisation and the ability to display localised offers based on the user location were also considered as important factors in conversion rates.


Close collaboration between the Co-operative Travel team and Ultimedia during development, especially in the area of third party interfaces and social media bookmarks, and the creation of a ‘send to a friend’ facility to allow users to share content via Email, also increased the referral rate.

Ultimedia’s rigorous testing and implementation process ensured a smooth transition to live with minimum disruption to the availability of the service. As a result, the system has experienced virtually no down time since inception.

Where are we Now?

According to a Co-operative spokesperson, “the new site has exceeded our expectations across the board, but I am particularly pleased with the increase in conversions and revenue. We have been able to create a site that is more dynamic and engaging that meets the high demand and expectations of our customers”.

The results have been impressive. A 95% increase in the number of visitors and a 217% increase in revenues. As a bonus, the site has been nominated for a number of awards over the years and was voted the British Travel Awards ‘Travel agency website of the year 2011’.

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