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TRW Aftermarket

TRW Aftermarket
Ultimedia and TRW Aftermarket

ZF TRW Aftermarket is a leading provider of parts, service, technical and diagnostic support to both the vehicle manufacture service channels and the global independent automotive aftermarket. Globally, TRW Pacific, ZF TRW sells aftermarket products through its extensive distribution network. It delivers a wide range of high-quality, TRW-branded replacement parts for braking, steering and suspension globally, as well as a range of other products and services on a regional basis

As a sub-brand of the ZF TRW group, TRW Aftermarket benefits from an established brand reputation and a global footprint stretching across 22 technical centers, thirteen test tracks and automotive facilities in more than 20 countries.

While offering a lot of opportunities for the brand, the relationship between brand and sub-brand is not without its challenges. As part of the multi-product ZF-TRW group, the Automotive Aftermarket sub-brand must make every effort and take every opportunity to strive for its own independent recognition, building a unique reputation without disassociating from the wider ZF TRW brand. 


  • Establish the TRW Aftermarket brand as a leader in the automotive aftermarket product and safety space.
  • Boost traffic and increase the number of distributor registrations online.
  • Increase customer engagement through improved user experiences for enthusiasts, distributors and customers alike.
  • Drive direct transactions and sales through third-party distributors such as Amazon Parts.

The Challenge

As the average age of cars continues to climb, TRW Aftermarket has been presented with a unique opportunity to expand its aftermarket parts and replacements business. Faced with this opportunity however, TRW Aftermarket grew increasingly aware of the limitations of its existing web platform when it came to envisaging new markets, dealing with multi-lingual environments and cross- platform purchasing situations.

TRW Aftermarket recognized that they required a new, cost efficient digital experience solution that would help boost the business’ bottom line. Critically, the new platform needed to provide a slicker design and overall user experience, helping to boost customer satisfaction and increased engagement throughout the buyer journey.

As the first step to improving this journey, software solutions specialist Ultimedia working in conjunction with the digital team at TRW Aftermarket initiated several workshops to define the specific business challenges, resulting in the expansion and enhancement of the    Episerver CMS, complete with Episerver Find as the new integrated search function. Together, these tools helped TRW to overcome many of the navigation frustrations of the old website, enabling customers to quickly search for products and information, staff to better manage the overall layout, navigation and structure of the site.

The intelligent parts search facility enables users to search via anything from vehicle registrations, to part numbers, to general car brands - all with complete ease.

Over the next year, Ultimedia integrated multiple Episerver solutions, including ImageVault and a third party bespoke online parts catalogue. Combined, these new tools provided customers, installers and distributors with a sleek, intuitive, multiscreen solution, enabling users to renew and reorder parts from any device, whether in the office, on the forecourt, or on the move.

On top of this, the new platform provided TRW Aftermarket with a new backend editorial environment, employees can now add new content with the click of a button. Working across twenty countries around the world, this editorial function enables TRW Aftermarket’s geographically dispersed staff to contribute and collaborate together, in multiple languages, regardless of location.

This facilitated the streamlining of the content marketing process

Navigational integrations and a new sports red design also helped to revamp the site, providing a look and feel that truly reflects the motoring industry and helps differentiate the TRW Aftermarket brand from its wider ZF TRW owner.

The Result

The new website has not only allowed TRW Aftermarket to function more efficiently, it has helped put Aftermarket on the map, cementing the company’s role as a leader in the industry with the best possible user experience for customers, installers and distributors alike. Customers are not only more satisfied; their usage of the site has also increased. Users have a new, greater ability to find the parts they need and the mechanics qualified to fit them. By providing distributors with a more direct route to uploading and editing standard order parts, the new platform is also resulting in an increase in order volume and greater distributor satisfaction. Combined with the intuitive ordering process, and new aesthetic design, the end result has seen a significant boost in traffic to the TRW Aftermarket site. This includes a 156% increase in mobile usage along with a 40% boost in desktop visits.

In addition to the increased traffic, the ease with which TRW Aftermarket’s staff can upload content has also helped to boost both the quantity and quality of content marketing on the site. This in turn encourages users to stay longer, reducing bounce rates and offering more chances for customers to buy across the site.

With the adoption of the Episerver web platform and working collaboratively with Ultimedia has had the result in propelling TRW Aftermarket into pole position to become a leader in the motor vehicle parts industry. 

TRW launched an appealing easy to use website with genuine real time access to the availability of parts with a local language capability and sophisticated search features by product or vehicle type. An increase in order volume, as well as a dramatic reduction in returns is anticipated plus a significant reduction in the workload associated with keeping the online database current.


Extra Notes: 

There is a 156% increase in mobile usage.

There is a 40% boost in desktop visits.

The TRW website has won the European Excellence Award for the best website in 2016!

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