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Marine, Sea and Army Cadets

Marine, Sea and Army Cadets
Ultimedia and Marine, Sea and Army Cadets

Air Cadets Organisation (ACO) is a 50,000 + strong training and development organisation focussed on young people with an interest in flying and adventure training generally. Sponsored by the Royal Air Force it offers an introduction and training into basic flying which can lead to a private pilot licence and the possibility of joining the RAF or other services. The ACO has a well structured development process where cadets’ progress through a series of training steps designed to instil leadership and other skills useful in later life. The ACO is commanded by a full-time RAF officer. 

The Problem

The ACO needed an online learning system which could support the geographically dispersed local ACO units yet provide a controlled environment where development based on tests could be monitored and each step and progress charted. The requirement was for a national scheme which could be expanded later to accommodate over 120,000 students from the Marine and Sea Cadets and the Army Cadets. 

Screen Grab of ACO

The Solution

After reviewing the client requirements, Ultimedia recommended implementation of its standard SCORM compliant Ultilearn (E-Learning) product, re-skinned to reflect the ACO look and feel and then integrated with the ACO authentication and control system. Ultilearn accommodates Sequence Navigation where learners progress through the training programs on an individual basis depending on the answers they give and the level of understanding they demonstrate.

The Implementation

Ultilearn version 6 was implemented without modification together with the existing web services. Any SCORM compliant courses were easily loaded and new ones built under the SCORM regime. The system was implemented in the optimum time.

The Results

The ACO experienced significant streamlining of their training programs with the ability to decentralise to local facilities reducing travel and administrative costs. Courses can be built centrally allowing a standard format and structure to be maintained along with ACO branding. Training productivity improved up to 50% with retention up 25%. The capacity to absorb a significant number of additional students without degradation allowed the Marine and Sea Cadets to join the program without change other than re-skinning for their specific look and feel.

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