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Smith and Nephew

Smith and Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a UK based multinational pharmaceuticals company with an Advanced Wound Management division supplying sophisticated wound treatment products to a worldwide market with annual sales exceeding £1.3B and a reputation for technical leadership in the sector.

The Challenge

Although wound management products represent a small proportion of treatment cost they can have a significant impact on patient recovery and overall treatment expense. At the same time, as treatments and products become increasingly sophisticated, Smith & Nephew needed a way of providing training on a continuous basis for 150,000 healthcare professionals, (doctors, nurses and consultant physicians) in 17 countries and 10 languages, which could be delivered in a self-paced but certifiable manner.  

The Solution   

Ultimedia proposed a bespoke version of its well known E-learning system Ultilearn, modified to meet the regulatory demands of certification and control, delivered in 10 languages to audiences in 17 countries yet able to maintain control of updating content and registering and monitoring users worldwide. Additionally, the system needed to deliver real world scenarios to test and verify an understanding of the procedures and products by the participants and deliver certification for courses successfully completed.

The Result     

The system has been well received and successful such that new healthcare professionals are added to the program at a rate of 20,000 per year. Updates and new training modules can be added centrally or from the local country offices (but centrally verified) and change can be easily applied with minimum effort. Certification and examination results are delivered locally but maintained automatically by the system for centralised monitoring. 


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