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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS
Ultimedia and Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS

Royal Brompton Hospital’s Children’s Long Term Ventilation (LTV) unit delivers expertise in paediatric intensive care, advanced respiratory and ventilatory management, and complex discharge planning. A team of consultants and therapists from a variety of disciplines provide services to a range of paediatric IC units, hospitals, hospices and clinics throughout London and the South East.

The Problem

Although it is generally better for children with long-term respiratory illnesses to be cared for at home and medical advances mean that they can survive intensive care and be well enough to go home, they often need advanced technology, such as breathing machines, to keep them alive. As a result there is a need to provide training to skilled and unskilled carers, from professionals, experienced carers and nurses to family members and others, in the transition from hospital to home. 

The Proposed Solution  

Following an enquiry from a physiotherapist working for the LTV service at Royal Brompton, where there was a desire to supplement the successful face to face training provided by the unit to those involved in the transfer from hospital to home, on the availability of an E-learning solution to complement direct training, Ultimedia proposed a version of Ultilearn LMS and LCMS with the following attributes;

  • Easy to use by students regardless of IT skill level
  • Available online across all browsers and 24 hours per day
  • Easy to edit and update for non technical authors. The system needed to be intuitive to edit and easy to create new interactive courses. It needed to be compatible with all video and image formats
  • Text needed to be complemented with moving and still graphics and documents to be in PDF printable form
  • Quizzes for users (drag and drop, true/false multiple choice) to test learners and post scores

Above all, the ability of the system to cater for all levels of skill and experience on both the provider and user side.


Ultilearn met all of the requirements for Royal Brompton which, with the additional features of certificate management, version control and ease of branding (skinning), was ready to accept its first courses out of the box. In-depth training was given to staff designated as editors and course creators after which courses were created by the LTV unit team with assistance from Ultimedia. The intuitive nature of Ultilearn course creation resulted in the LTV unit delivering training to the diverse patient carer groups within a matter of weeks.

The Result

Twelve months on the Royal Brompton LTV unit team are delighted with the results. The team use the Ultilearn courses as a pre-Session course for both carers and professionals who plan to attend the day long hands-on training course. As a result of taking the pre-session, training attendees cover the theoretical training online leaving more time in the practical aspects of caring. The pre-session also uncovers, through course tests, any areas of weakness which can then be reinforced in the practical session.

The post-session test allows for assessment of the level of understanding by the trainee/carer where further guidance can be given as needed.

Royal Brompton are pleased that the feedback has been fantastic with attendees are reporting a 98% satisfaction rating.     

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