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Weston Area Health Trust

Weston Area Health Trust website
Ultimedia and Weston Area Health Trust website

Weston Area NHS Trust manages a number of hospitals and clinics in the Weston-Super-Mare region.  The Trust provides health care services to about 250,000 residents plus visitors to the region.

The Problem

Weston NHS Trust wished to upgrade its website to a Content Managed version to take advantage of the latest features including Mobile, distributed editing and workflow control. It was also a requirement that it be connected to the N3 fast broadband network for the NHS.

The Solution

Ultimedia Proposed the implementation of its ULTiNHS standard CMS Website solution designed specifically with NHS Trusts in mind and featuring all of the current requirements. Using the EPiServer CMS as the base the solution could readily be extended with additional features as Weston determined their need. Ultimedia also ensured that by implementing the standard ULTiNHS, an upgrade path would be preserved for future versions of the product.  


ULTiNHS version 6 was implemented offering Weston all of the standard templates needed to run the Trust. In addition, Mobile capability and the addition of features such as calendars and events, forums, news, RSS feeds, search capability and collaborative working aids all significantly improved the usability and ease of updating the site. Corporate branding and the Weston ‘look and feel’ completed the transformation for the Trust.

The Result

By improving both the design of their website and its availability to mobile devices using Ultimedia’s responsive design solution, Weston NHS saw a dramatic increase from 8% to 22% of visitors accessing the site from a mobile device. More significant was the bounce rate, where users left the site landing page immediately, which reduced from 90% to 19%. This evidences not only the 'stickability' of the site but the fact that more and more users rely on a mobile device for access. This coupled with the general freshness of the site, made possible by the ease with which changes and updates can be made, has improved the user experience and the impression of Weston NHS Trust as a modern and savvy provider of health care services.

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